Our coffee business began life 30 years ago in Portland, Oregon as a combination coffee roastery and cafe. Howard Stone, proprietor, had an epiphany that took him from the tension-filled stresses of a real estate development business and led him to the organic, pleasure-providing environment of the coffee world. He loved to drink coffee. He felt there was a place for a company that would sell coffee the way he wanted to drink it.

Thus, Aroma Coffee was born.

The coffee was good, real good, even back then. Other coffee shops and restaurants began to buy their coffee from us. Aroma won the Portland Cup two years running, beating out ten other roasters in a double blind tasting. When the roastery part of the business burgeoned we could not longer operate in our original space. We moved into a warehouse. The café went by the wayside and we began roasting coffee full-time.

Four years and many cups later, a magical visit to Santa Fe led to a vision of living in the Land of Enchantment; of roasting coffee in the high desert at 7,000 feet among the majestic mountains and mesas. Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe became a reality in 1994.

We began by supplying coffee to restaurants, cafes, and espresso bars. Sales doubled each of our first two years in business as we introduced our coffee throughout New Mexico. In a town known for its culinary excellence, we’re proud to be poured by Santa Fe’s finest restaurants and hotels, from Pasquals and Geronimo to La Fonda and Hotel Santa Fe. In addition, Aroma Coffees are now featured in many natural food stores throughout the southwest.

Our fine roasts all begin with the selection of exceptional beans from around the world. All of our beans are Arabica — the highest quality, most flavorful beans. Nearly all our beans come from high altitude, shade grown coffee trees. Shade grown coffee contributes to maintaining healthy eco-systems by allowing natural bird habitats to flourish. Not only does it provide a home for hundreds of species of migratory birds, but as the natural predators of pests who can kill a coffee crop, protecting the birds’ habitats also eliminates the need for chemical pesticides that can be toxic.

Our organic selections are the finest available. Aroma is a Certified Organic and Fair Trade Roaster.

Our roasting style has its origins in the North Beach area of San Francisco. We roast to bring out the full flavor of the coffee without imposing the burnt flavor of over-roasting which is trendy and masks the use of cheap beans. We apply our style to organics as well as to the best varietals we can find. The quality of Aroma speaks for itself.