The Aroma Approach To Coffee

When you roast coffee beans at 7,000 ft. in the high desert mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, something magical happens. Is the secret to our exceptional taste locked in the altitude and the lack of density that this clean mountain air provides for roasting? Or can it be found in the water that travels through ancient acequias before we use it for spraying and cooling our hot beans? Or does it have something to do with the boundless sunshine that graces our vast blue skies and pours down upon all who work here? We don’t have all the answers to the mystery of our incredibly tasty coffee, but we do know that our endless pursuit for roasting excellence is no slight-of-hand trick. Of course we start out with the very best shade grown beans from around the world, then carefully hot air roast them to extract their inherent flavors, textures and aromatic nuances. It all begins with Aroma’s deep passion for producing and distributing the highest quality coffees –organics, varietals, blends, decafs, and flavored varieties. Let us take you on a tour of our world, where the coffee bean reigns supreme, the art of roasting is revered, and the brew of each cup holds special promise. One cup and we know you’ll taste the magic, too.