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Brewing The Magical Cup

Just like a superb dining experience, making a great cup of coffee leaves much to personal interpretation. While some enjoy a strong brew that is full-flavored and robust, others may prefer a mellow, flavored coffee drink. The key to achieving your perfect cup is to understand the five fundamental elements inherent in all coffee Read more ›


Coffee beans arrive at Aroma's Santa Fe warehouse in the raw, unroasted state called "green." Green beans are essentially tasteless, and have little if any odor. Roasting is the last and most important step in the long sequence of processing that the beans go through after they are Read more ›

Our Bean Philosophy

It almost goes without saying that all of Aroma's coffee comes from Arabica beans. This high altitude species produces superior quality coffees, which possess the greatest flavor and aromatic characteristics. While Arabica production represents 80% of the world's coffee trade, only 10% of this meets specialty coffee standards like Aroma's.  Read more ›

The Aroma Approach To Coffee

When you roast coffee beans at 7,000 ft. in the high desert mountains of Santa Fe, New Mexico, something magical happens. Is the secret to our exceptional taste locked in the altitude and the lack of density that this clean mountain air provides for roasting? Or can it be found in the water that travels Read more ›